Chitral News Briefs

Chitral News Briefs

21 July 20 : Assistant Commissioner HQ Lower Chitral Abdul Wali Khan has been tested positive for Covid-19. He has led from the front since March 2020 and has gotten infected during his duties. He is under treatment in Peshawar. This was stated in a FB post by Deputy Commissioner Lower Chitral.

20 July 20 : SBP has warned that fake currency notes of the denomination of Rs 5000, 1000 and 500 have come in the market in large numbers. It warned that AF series of 500, CE series of 1000 and HO series of 5000 denomination notes are fake.  

19 July 20 : Coordinator to PM, Ahmad Niazi reached Chitral along with his team. Addressing Doctors and Medical staff at DHQ hospital Chitral, he said he is visiting Chitral on the instructions of the PM to show solidarity with the medical staff for their duties during the Corona pandemic.

18 July 20 : Hundreds of affecties of Golen floods launched a protest demonstration at Mashelik (a place known for never seeing direct sun rays) on the Booni road. Protesters raised slogan against WAPDA authorities for not managing the road and the water channel, well. They said last year floods swept away the road but instead of being realigned and repaired the road was temporarily done with the result it was washed away again this year. Demonstrators lamented on the presence of corruption and absence of accountability in government affairs.

18 July 20 : PTI workers of Rumbur Kalash Valley attended a meeting under the chair of Wazirzada, Special Assistant to the CM. The progress of the valley was discussed and various proposals put up. Wazirzada said he has Rs 100 million for the development of Kalash valleys and he will spend the money with the cooperation and consultation of the Kalash community.

17 July 20 :  JUI Chitral has been seeing internal squabbles lately when the local leadership expelled former Tehsil Nazim Molana Ilyas, who in turn along with his group has started a campaign to muster support for a no trust motion against the general Secy lower Chitral Hafiz Inam Memon.

16 July 20 :  Former MNA Shahzada Iftikharuddin has strongly criticised the PTI government for showing Shandur area as part of GB in the Handarab national park map. He said the PTI in it’s greed for votes in the forth coming GB elections has tried to fudge the centuries old geography of the area. He said people of Chitral will never let go off Shandur as it is an integral part of Chitral.

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